Address change when living in Denmark

If you move you must report it within five days, else you will risk having a fine

Citizens must report their move to the National Registry/Citizen’s Service at the latest 5 days after having moved. It may, however, already be reported up to a month before the actual move.

How do you change your address?

  • You must report your move to the municipality you are moving to.
  • You change your address via the online self service facility on The online self-service is primarily in Danish (depending on which municipality you live in or are about to move to), but you can always get help to fill it in at the local citizen service center or at the library. 
  • You need to log on with your NemID. 
  • Remember to report electricity, water and district heating meter readings when moving.
  • You can also show up at the Citizen’s Service you are moving to in order to report your move and get assistance on the spot.

If you need assistance to use the online system, you may contact the Citizen’s Service at 8940 2000 or the evening hotline on 7020 0000.

Rules and fines

  • Move notified later than 5 days after moving - DKK 500
  • Failure to cancel a no longer relevant address - DKK 600
  • Incorrect information about the move itself - DKK 1,200
  • Failure to provide requested information or giving false information - DKK 1,200

For further information about change of address when moving to or leaving Denmark or when moving to, within or away from Aarhus, please contact your local Citizen’s Service.

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