Relocation Service

Relocation Service

Aarhus University offers a unique and personalized Relocation Service to researchers and accompanying partners.

We welcome you!

The Aarhus University Relocation Service helps you and your accompanying partner in the relocation process. The aim of the service is to make your transition to Denmark as smooth and successful as possible. We will assist you in all stages of the relocation process, from initial recruitment over arrival and to living in Denmark. 

The assistance will be adjusted to your personal needs. Whether it is housing, child placement or simply a translation, we are prepared to help!

Relocation Service

We provide help in all stages of the relocation process:

  • Pre-recruitment meeting

We offer a meeting to introduce you to working and living in Denmark and to give you information about practical matters related to relocating to Denmark.

  • Family

We provide guidance and information when bringing family, which includes information about language training, personalised Expat Partner Programme and assistance to apply for school and day care.

  • Information regarding practical matters in Denmark

Information about health insurance, insurances in general, work- and residence permits, tax- and pension schemes, banking, language training, etc.

  • Housing

Introduction to housing in Denmark, assistance to find a place to live, rental contract, etc.


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Expat Partner Programme

The Expat Partner Programme provides customised career counselling, coaching and cultural training to expat partners. The partner will be coached during the transition phase and introduced to social and professional networks to help the partner settle down smoothly in Denmark.

  • Career counselling

We offer accompanying partners assistance to find a job and customize our career counselling to their needs.

  • Cultural training

Accompanying partners will be introduced to Danish culture and workplace culture. They will improve their cultural awareness and learn to better understand cultural differences.


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Working at Aarhus University

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