Coronavirus/covid-19 information for international staff at AU

Aarhus University is following the current Danish government guidelines

If you are planning to come to Denmark, we urge you to read the information provided here closely. You should also check with your Aarhus University contact person as to which guidelines and procedures need to be followed to enter Denmark in order to take up your position at AU. 

Rules for entering Denmark

Whether you are required to test and/or self-isolate upon your arrival in Denmark depends on the country you arrive from and whether you are fully vaccinated or previously infected.  

See the rules from here

Rules and regulations in Denmark

From November 12th, you must present a Corona Passport / COVID Certificate or similar to document that you have been vaccinated, that you have previously been infected with COVID, or you must present a recent negative test in order to enter some restaurants, nightlife establishments and cultural venues.

Please be aware that many businesses and private cultural institutions are allowed to make their own requirements regarding masks, shields, corona passports, etc. Furthermore, it is at the discretion of the venue to decide if they will accept a non-Danish/European covid vaccination card. In order to be sure, you should call the venue prior or take a PCR or rapid test. 

See for detailed information

How to get a Danish Corona Passport?

Once you are registered in Denmark with a CPR number, you can contact your doctor who can validate and enter your vaccination details into the Danish system. When you have your NemID, you can access the system and use your Danish Corona Passport.

Read more about the Danish Corona Passport


Traveling out of Denmark

If you are considering travelling abroad here are the guidelines:

Insurance when traveling abroad

If you are going to be travelling, you should make sure that you have the proper insurance cover. You are not covered by AU insurance if the travel is not work related. Therefore, you will need private insurance cover and it is essential to know how you are covered during Covid-19.

Read more about Aarhus University's travel and insurance guidelines

If you have the blue EU health insurance card, you will still have the same level of coverage during Covid-19. Read more about the blue EU health insurance card under Covid-19 (in Danish).

You should also check with your immediate supervisor if you are planning to travel abroad. 

Who is entitled to vaccinations in Denmark?

It is possible to get free vaccinations in Denmark.

See details about who is entitled to be vaccinated in Denmark, and how to book an appointment for the vaccine on the authorities’ website about COVID-19 and vaccines.