Job search tips by the Expat Partner Programme


  1. Be visible and active on LinkedIn
  2. Attend network meetups as much as possible
  3. Do not mass distribute your CV and a standard application.
  4. Make an effort in arguing how you match the job based on competencies and past experiences. Argue using specific examples and situations you have been in before
  5. Prepare yourself carefully for the job interview incl. your non-verbal communication
  6. Be open to new directions in your career
  7. Use the internship and wage subsidy options we have in Denmark and get support from the local job centre to explore these

How to get started

Our advice is to familiarize yourself with positions posted in the areas you are interested in. The job portals below are just a few out of many, but we consider them a good place to start:

  • is the largest job search site in Denmark that also “trawl” most other portals
  • is the largest job search site for technical positions and especially within engineering technologies

Try to search a region (e.g. “Jutland”) or even just without location rather than the specific municipally you are moving to. Denmark is actually really small and employers are typically rather flexible in regards to commuting to and from work, work location and office hours. 

Rather than searching for a specific title, instead search for terms or technologies often used in your field of work.

Often, you can search in an archive, which can help you identify companies and names of hiring managers that previously hired people with similar backgrounds as yourself.

Optimize how you manage your job search by creating a profile and creating job agents in the portals.

  • The hub is a community for start-ups where jobs and other business opportunities are often posted in English

Depending on your profession, it might be a good idea to have your diploma, degree or certificate assessed and recognized. Especially if you are pursuing a career in healthcare or if you want to study in Denmark. Find further information about recognition of foreign diplomas

Searching for a job at AU

The Aarhus University job portal lists all vacant positions, both academic and administrative at the University. 

Each department has many relevant activities so make sure to stay tuned on open events announced at the department websites such as career days, open talks, conferences etc.

It might also be that you could be interested in career opportunities or collaboration with one of the spinout companies. These are typically listed at department websites and gathered in one list on the Technology Transfer Office spinouts page    

In Denmark, it is quite common that people reach out directly to one another to explore how their competences could match the current activities and most often it is expected that you reach out yourself. If you are experiencing difficulties in reaching a specific researcher or group, we are happy to help. 

You can also search for research areas, research centres and researchers in your specific field via the Search for researchers page  

Temp agencies

Temp agenciesAreas of expertise


Finance and Accounting, Telemarketing and Customer services, Office and Administration, Medico, Social Services and Healthcare, Pharma, Bio and Science, IT, Project Management, Sales and Marketing, Kitchen and Cleaning Services, Industry, Logistics and Production, Engineering and Design, Construction, Executive Search



Construction, Industry and Administration



Engineering, IT, Finance, Sales and Marketing, HR, Legal



Finance and Accounting, Legal, Engineering, Office and Administration, Logistics and Production, Sales and Marketing, Management, IT, Construction



Office and Administration, Accounting and Finance, Pharma & Life Science, Warehouse and Industry, Retail, Kitchen, Sales and Marketing, Sourcing



Finance and Accounting, Reception, Office & Administration, Logistics, Sales & Marketing, IT support, Translation and Language Services



Office and Administration, Finance and Accounting, Technicians. Sales and Marketing, Managers, Warehouse, Industry and Production, Lab, Medico and Biotech, IT, Telecom, Logistics and Sourcing, HR, Service Management, Electrical, Construction, Banking and Insurance


Kelly services

Finance and Accounting, Life Sciences, Engineering and Production, Logistics, Office and Administration, Travel, Sales and Marketing, Customer and Call Center


JVS (Jysk Vikarservice)

Electricians, Warehouse, Quality Management, Technicians, Blacksmiths, Truck Drivers, Marine Engineers 



Electricians, Warehouse, Quality Management, Technicians, Blacksmiths, Truck Drivers, Marine Engineers 



Technicians and Production, Logistics, Warehouse



Warehouse, Production, Office and Administration, Kitchen, Cleaning


Olivia Danmark

Care Services



Health and Social Professionals



LinkedIn is widely used in Denmark for networking and job searching purposes, so we recommend you to have an updated profile. This means a direct transfer of your CV content.

LinkedIn can be used for:

  • Candidate search - widely used by recruiters and companies in Denmark. You will be checked out on LinkedIn when you apply for job – solicited or unsolicited.
  • Networking – great tool for establishing a network and searching for personal networks.
  • Information search - excellent tool for you to search for information on people, companies, jobs and industries.

We also have some written material that explains in detail how to make the changes as well as tips and tricks for LinkedIn.

You are welcome to book us to get feedback on your LinkedIn profile and to discuss how to use LinkedIn in your networking and job search efforts.

LinkedIn workshops

The International Employment Unit and other business service organisations in the country offer workshops that can help uncover how to use LinkedIn. Please look to our news and events page or book us to get help finding workshops near you.