Below is a checklist with information about what to do before, during and after stay abroad. The checklist is meant to be a help and an inspiration, but it is not exhaustive.

Checklist when going abroad – before departure

Checklist when going abroad – during the stay abroad

  • Register with the local authorities in the country of residence
  • Open up a bank account
  • Find a doctor in the country of residence
  • Find phone numbers for emergency calls in the country of residence
  • Find activities in the country of residence (fx. Danes Worldwide for support and networking)

Checklist when going abroad – travelling back home to Denmark

  • Remember to subscribe for home- and content insurance, if you unsubscribed during your stay abroad
  • Subscribe at the National Register “Folkeregistret” if you unsubscribed during the stay abroad
  • Find a new doctor in Denmark, if you unsubscribed at the National Register “Folkeregistret” during your stay abroad