Aarhus University’s insurance covering travel on official business

Aarhus University’s travel insurance policy is part of the Danish State’s self-insurance arrangement, which means that Aarhus University employees are covered on travel and official business. People not employed by Aarhus University can be covered if the university bears the travel expenses in full or in part.

Please note that accompanying family members cannot be covered by Aarhus University's travel insurance. Accompanying family members including children should sign private tavel insurance.  

Learn more about the AU travel insurance (on AU Finance website)

If you are going to the US

If you are going to be stationed at a university in the US, special circumstances may apply as a number of federal states and/or institutions have additional – and often very extensive - requirements for insurance coverage. Thus, it is important to clarify the following with your employer before you make the final decision to relocate:

  1. If the particular American state or institution requires additional insurance, will your employer take on the (significant) additional expenses this may entail as a consequence of the extended coverage? If affirmative:
  2. Is it possible to get the federal state/institution to accept a declaration from your employer guaranteeing to accept any additional costs that are not included in the ordinary travel insurance covering travels on official business and thus will not be included in the disbursement from Europæiske? Or
  3. Alternatively, in case the federal state/institution does not accept such a declaration, will the employer pay the supplementary insurance?

Contact the Travel Unit with questions about travel insurance to the US 

Home and home contents insurance

If you let your flat or house during your stay abroad, you should contact your insurance provider to find out what steps to take - Should you cancel your insurance policies? And what policies should the tenant take out?

If you elect to leave your flat or house unoccupied, you should note that your home and home contents insurance usually does not cover any damage if your home is left unoccupied or unused for a long period of time. Prior to departure, you should therefore contact your insurance provider to clarify the situation if intending to leave your home unoccupied during your stay abroad.

Health insurance for EU citizens

EU citizens and citizens from Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland may bring the blue EU health insurance card, which provides coverage within the EU for up to a year during holiday and work. Read more about the card and how to obtain it on and the website of the European Commission 

Other insurances

Remember to take out the necessary insurance policies to cover you and your family during your stay abroad and during any visits to Denmark.

Personal insurance policies and other types of insurances which do not provide coverage during stays abroad must be suspended or cancelled. Contact your insurance provider to clarify these questions. One example of an insurance which does not provide coverage abroad is Sygeforsikring "danmark".