Danish rules regarding import of goods and pets

Read about the taxation and custom rules for importing goods and the rules and requirements if you wish to bring animal products or a pet with you to Denmark.

Importing goods - taxation and customs

Importing goods from outside the EU

There are rules on how many cigarettes and how much alcohol you are allowed to import into Denmark without paying customs and excise duties. Special rules apply on goods imported from outside the EU. Read about the rules on what you can bring into Denmark and the amount of tax and customs to pay on the Danish taxation website under Customs duties Travelling outside the EU

Importing goods from within the EU

You may freely bring goods bought in other EU countries into Denmark if they are for your own personal use. However, there are limits as to how much alcohol and tobacco you are allowed to import. Some goods can only be imported with special permission. Read more about the rules on the Danish taxation website under Customs duties Travelling within the EU

Importing medication

You can import medications from an EU/EEA country if you can document that they are for your own personal use. You can only import medications from countries outside the EU/EEA Agreement when you arrive personally, and you are restricted to a supply for 3 months only.


Importing animal products and pets

Importing animal products

The Danish Chief Veterinary Officer has the overall responsibility for animal health in relation to imports of animals and animal products. Read more about the rules on import of animal and animal products on the Ministry of Environment and Food website

Importing pets

All dogs, cats and ferrets must have a special animal passport to document that the animal has been vaccinated against rabies.

We recommend you to read the Danish Veterinary Authorities' guidelines.