Clubs and associations for AU international staff

Clubs and associations in and around Aarhus

Denmark has a long tradition for involvement in leisure activities, and to engage in some kind of club or asociation is therefore a good way to get to know Danish people. There are very many different kinds of associations and clubs, and some of them have specific offers for English speaking participants. 

Are you interested in joining a club or association in your neighbourhood?

Aarhus University and International Community would like to help you find a club or association matching your interests. Fill out this short questionnaire and International Community will forward information on relevant clubs and associations.

Visit the International Community website to read about:

  • 10 reasons to join a club
  • Fun facts and helpful hints
  • Testimonials
  • A list of clubs and associations in the Aarhus area


Clubs and associations, Campus Emdrup

The Exercise Club, Campus Emdrup

The Exercise Club has a full range of body-building and fitness machines and changing facilities. Anyone, including guests, working at Aarhus University can join. Membership costs DKK 40 per month. For more information or to sign up, please email one of the contacts on the Danish School of Education - Motionsklub (in Danish only).

The choir at Campus Emdrup

The choir is open to employees and guests as well students at the Danish School of Education (participation is free). Please see contact on the Danish School of Education - Kor (in Danish only).

Other associations and clubs at Campus Emdrup

Campus Emdrup also has a bridge club, a staff club and a wine club. However, knowledge of Danish might be required. For more information, please see the Danish School of Education - Foreninger og tilbud (in Danish only) or ask a colleague.

ISO Events and Activities

Throughout the year, ISO organizes relevant events for AU’s international and Danish staff, including academic staff, PhD students, guest researchers, international guests, and accompanying family members. Our offers aim to promote knowledge sharing and networking. We also offer newcomers a comprehensive toolbox of information and resources for a smooth transition to Aarhus and Danish society. You can also sign up for the International Staff Newsletter.