Meet the Recruiters on 15 March

In collaboration with Aarhus Municipality International Employment Unit and Headstart Career, we are delighted to invite you to our next "Meet the Recruiters" event where you will receive valuable insight from recruiters about the recruiting process. You can join the event physically in Aarhus or online.

At the Event
There will be short presentations by recruiters from 5 different Danish companies;

Here you will get an insight into their individual approaches to recruitment. When the presentations are finished, we will ask questions to the recruiters, e.g.:

  • Who within the company is typically involved in the recruitment process and who is responsible for what?
  • Do you use automated processes for screening applications and selecting candidates – if yes, how do they work?
  • Do you use LinkedIn in the recruitment process – how do you use LinkedIn and how can I make myself easier to be found?
  • Can I connect with you?
  • What does a great CV look like?
  • And a great cover letter?

Please remember to pose your questions to the recruiters when signing up to the event.

Important Information
The event is a hybrid, which means that you can attend either physically or online. However, there is limited seating for physical attendance.

Whether you want to participate online or in person, sign up is mandatory. Sign up here via Headstart Cereer’s website.

Date and time: 15 March 2023 09.30 - 11.30

Location: Blixens, Karen Blixens Blvd. 7, Brabrand, Denmark OR online