Welcome back to our new Expat Partner Advisor

On August 15 we welcomed Expat Partner Advisor, Marie Vorre Skydsgaard back to our team and to the AU Expat Partner Programme.

"I am overly excited to be back in the team and in the Expat Partner Programme at Aarhus University. I am looking forward to catch up with people from before and getting to know the people who have joined while I was away. Also, I am thrilled to be continuing the work with our collaborative organisations and companies together with Expat Partner Advisor Catrine Rumohr and the rest of the team in the International Staff Office", Marie says.

Marie joined the International Staff Office in December 2017 when she worked as Expat Partner Advisor until December 2021 when she joined Grundfos. Here she worked as Recruiter for the European & Western Europe region supporting managers in recruitment efforts hiring staff to various locations and professional areas of Grundfos. 

Prior to joining AU back in 2017, Marie worked as HR professional, management support and within consultancy in different private companies - both small and large organization but always international environments and with many different stakeholders.  

Please help us welcome Marie back to the team. 

Partners registered in the Expat Partner Programme can book appointments with Marie and Catrine on our website here where you can also read more about the Expat Partner Programme and other services, events and news provided by the International Staff Office. 

Read more about Marie on the Expat Partner Programme website.