Expat Partner Programme Monday Meeting - online during May, 2020

We are sad that we cannot meet you all face to face in the kitchen at Trøjborgvej 82-84 in Aarhus as we usually do at the Monday Meetings. However, we hope you have time to meet with us online instead.

2020.04.02 | Oda Bjørke

Everyone who have signed up for the Expat Partner Programme are therefore hereby invited to join the next Monday Meeting held online in May, 2020 from 10am-11am.

If you want to dial in, please let the Expat Partner Advisors know via the invitation in the Facebook group or alternatively, send us an e-mail at expatpartner.fe@au.dk and we will send you the link to the meeting.

Remember that during these times, our Expat Partner Advisors are still available via e-mail, phone or Skype if you have questions or need career counselling.

AU Expat Partner Programme