No Monday meeting during the Winter break

This year's Winter break is in week 7, which means that we will not be hosting a Monday Meeting event on 15 February. We wish you all a nice break and hope to see you again next Monday!

2021.02.08 | Oda Bjørke

Photo: Roar Lava Paaske / AU-Foto

The Winter break is one of the school vacations in Denmark, and many people take some time off during this week. If you are one of them, we hope that you will enjoy a well-deserved break.

Instead of providing you with tips and ideas for activities during the break, we recommend reading this article by the UIC - Aarhus University International Club. They have gathered good advice from other internationals in Aarhus on how to stay positive and motivated during the lockdown. The Winter break is an excellent opportunity to start engaging with some of these activities.

If you wish to plan ahead, you can also sign up for our upcoming events here.   

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