Opening hours over the summer

The summer holidays are approaching, and this also applies to some of our services.

2021.06.30 | Julia Flora Fürjes

Some services for international staff are closed

In Talent Development and International Staff Office, a number of services for international staff will be closed during the summer holiday:

  • The Relocation Service will be closed from 15 July up to and including the 28th July
  • Guest Researcher Support will be closed in week 30 (July 26 - August 1)
  • AU Expat Partner Programme will be closed in weeks 28, 29 and 30 (July 12 - August 1)
  • Our email and the Help Desk for International Staff will be closed in weeks 29 and 30 (July 19 - August 1)

In addition, we are low on staff in weeks 27 to 31 (July 5 - August 8), when longer response times can be expected.

International Citizen Service is open

International Citizen Service will be open during the summer, so it is still possible to go to DOKK1 in Aarhus or International Citizen Services in the rest of the country to register for your EU residence certificate (EU citizens) and CPR number (all citizens).

However, please note that you must reserve time first, both for SIRI (for EU citizens) and Citizens Service.

You can read more about the procedure for registering as a Nordic, EU and non-EU citizen on our registration webpage.

SIRI is open

The Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI) is open, but with extended processing times.

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