Workshops held by The International Employment Unit in Aarhus

The International Employment Unit of the City of Aarhus presents “Webinars for International Jobseekers” from May to August 2020.Thus, those of you who have moved to Denmark and have received a Danish CPR number and residing in the Aarhus region, are welcome to sign up for these workshops.

2020.06.09 | Christine Hylleberg Ørsøe Juul

In these workshops, you can find inspiration and gain an overview on a wide range of topics that can help to improve your job search process.

All webinars are in English, are free of charge, and you can participate from the comfort of your own home — all you need is a computer and a good internet connection! If you would like find out more or participate in one or more of our webinars, then please write to The International Employment Unit via email at, stating clearly, which dates you are interested in. You will then be sent an online registration form, and receive a confirmation of registration.

Webinar Schedule:

May 28: CV Writing

June 3: Cover Letter Writing Part 1: Solicited applications

June 4: Cover Letter Writing Part 2: Unsolicited applications

June 11: LinkedIn for beginners

June 12: LinkedIn for practiced users

June 18: Coffee meetings

June 25: Competency mapping

July 2: Preparing for Job Interviews

July 9: CV Writing

August 5: Cover Letter Writing Part 1: Solicited applications

August 6: Cover Letter Writing Part 2: Unsolicited applications

August 13: LinkedIn for beginners

August 14: LinkedIn for practiced users

August 20: Coffee meetings

August 24: Competency mapping

August 27: Preparing for Job Interviews

Webinar topics:

In the CV workshop, you will be introduced to how to make a strong CV that is easy to understand, and aligned to the Danish style. You will be presented key elements that you should include in your CV with examples and tips on how you can best present yourself to future employers.

Solicited applications are those written in response to advertised jobs and indicate that the company is actively looking to hire. The Cover Letter Writing Part 1 workshops will show you how to read and understand the job advertisement, plan and structure your cover letter, and then customize your application to highlight your key competencies in alignment with the advertised role.

The Cover Letter Writing Part 2 is focusing on unsolicited applications, which are quite common in Denmark and refer to situations where the job seeker approaches the employer offering their competencies - even though no job has been advertised. This webinar will be your guide to how to begin writing good unsolicited applications. It is recommended that you participate in “Cover letter Writing Part 1: Solicited Applications” before joining this webinar.

LinkedIn for beginners is intended for those who are relatively new to LinkedIn and are looking for help with building their profiles and understanding how the platform can be used in the job search. Whereas the LinkedIn for practiced users is intended for those of you who are quite familiar with LinkedIn and are looking for extra tips and tricks on how to optimize their profiles, reach out to people on the platform, and create engaging posts.

Coffee meetings can be an effective tool in the professional networking process and therefore the workshops Coffee Meetings will give you a basic guide to how to get started on this and provide inspiration on how to ensure that you make the most out of every meeting.

If you are in doubt of which jobs you should apply for, what you are good at, and where to start then the Competency mapping webinar may be right for you. We will discuss the competency mapping process, and you will be presented with ideas on how you can begin to figure out what your key competencies are, and discover where and how they can be used.

Do you have an interview coming up that you need to prepare for? Or, are you just curious about  job interviews in Denmark? Then the Preparing for Job Interviews webinar is a good place to start! You will get a general idea of the job interview process, and inspiration on how to present your best self during the interview process.


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