Order publications

The International Centre, International Academic Staff Services has a number of publications of relevance to international academic staff, which you can order from us. These publications are:

  • A Guide for International Academic Staff
  • Coming to Denmark: Our Stories
  • Expat Partners: Our Stories
  • PhD and Postdoc Activity Group
  • Grocery Dictionary
  • UIC Programme
  • Relocation Service and Expat Partner Programme

See the publications on our Publications page

How do I order?

You order by sending an e-mail to ias@au.dk and state:

  • Name of the publication you wish to order
  • Number of copies you wish
  • Contact information of the recepient (name and address)

Then we will send the publications to you free of cost.

Who can order the publications?

We only send publications to departments, centres or research units, not to individual persons. If you as an individual researcher or PhD student wish to acquire one of these publications in paper form, you can visit the International Centre within our opening hours from 10am - 2pm on all weekdays. For furhter information about the International Centre see under Contact.