Where to get tax assistance

Aarhus University is not allowed to give personal advice on taxation issues. Talent Development and International Staff Office will be able to assist you in finding general information about tax rules.

We will refer you to the Danish Customs and Tax Administration for specific questions about your personal tax.

If you need tax assistance or guidance, you can also contact the PwC firm of auditors, but only following approval from your immediate superior.  

Taxation information from the Danish tax authorities

The taxation rules are changing over time and it is therefore the Danish Customs and Tax Administration that can give you up to date information on your taxation.

The Danish Customs and Tax Administration is the authority which handles all matters concerning tax, labour market contributions, real property valuations, VAT, duties etc. You can contact the Danish Customs and Tax Administration in the following ways:

  • Find information at www.skat.dk. Here you will also be able to log on to your online tax folder, where you can change your preliminary income assessment and see your tax information.
  • Call the Danish Customs and Tax Administration on +45 72 22 18 18.
  • Email or call the Danish Customs and Tax Administration via Contact the Danish Customs and Tax Administration

If you cannot find the answer you need at skat.dk, and if they cannot help you over the phone, the Danish Customs and Tax Administration will set up a personal appointment for you with one of their staff. You will be able to get an appointment within five working days.


Taxation advice from PwC

For specific assessment of individual cases Aarhus University has entered into an agreement with PwC on assistance with tax-related employment issues.  Furthermore, Aarhus University has made an agreement with PwC for tax assistance in connection with in- and expatriation of employees.

Your department may choose to pay for PwC's services rendered

If you wish to have the expenses covered by your department, you need to get acceptance in writing by the head of department/school/centre director. In accordance with the agreement between the university and PwC, each department/school/centre must pay individually for PwC's services rendered. After you have the acceptance in writing, you may contact PwC yourself. 

You may choose to pay the expenses yourself

It is also possible to contact PwC without approval from your superior, but in that case you will have to pay for the service yourself.   

Contact PwC

Contact PwC’s specialists

Visit the AU Finance page to see the agreement between pwc and Aarhus University