About University International Club

Aarhus University International Club is the community for international and Danish staff at AU and their accompanying family members. 

Event organizer

Throughout the year, we organize relevant events for AU’s international and Danish staff, including academic staff, PhD students, guest researchers, international guests, and their accompanying family members.

Network facilitator

Our offers aim to promote knowledge sharing and networking. We also offer newcomers a comprehensive toolbox of information and resources for a smooth transition to Aarhus and Danish society.

Collaborates to create new events 

Furthermore, the UIC collaborates with International Community and Aarhus Municipality, and together we have developed new event formats and offers for all internationals in the city.

Newsletter and Facebook page

Look at the calendar available on our website and sign up for all the upcoming events. We also suggest you sign up to receive our bi-weekly newsletter and follow continual updates on our Facebook Page.