Additional activities

UIC International Playgroup


The International Playgroup is organized by Aarhus University International Club (UIC) and Dokk1.


The group welcomes international and Danish families, with children of all ages, to come and engage with others in a playful environment.


English is the common language, yet there are families from all over the world, meaning there is a high chance for you to find someone to speak in your mother tongue.

The playgroup meets at Dokk1, and for the time being the meetings will be held in the Monkey playground outdoors. Changes and other important updates will be shared on the Facebook Group, UIC International Playgroup

The meetings will start on May 7, 2021 from 10.00 to 13.00. 

We invite you to bring your own lunch so everyone can enjoy that time together. 

In case you would like to use the facilities of Dokk1 on the second floor, please check their current guidelines


UIC Book Club

Join this group of passionate readers, participate in the online polls, decide the books you will be reading next and get together for some cozy sessions of literature and networking.

The group meets approximately every 6 weeks. Language spoken: English.

Join the Facebook Group, UIC Book Club, for news and updates.


UIC Night Out

This group will get you out of the routine and welcome you to spend a fun and cozy night with other internationals at a great restaurant in the city of Aarhus.

Relax and enjoy this informal gathering and take the opportunity to expand your network and dine in the company of others.

Join the Facebook Group, UIC Night Out, for news and updates.

Mo.Th.Er.s at AU

Connect with other researchers at Aarhus University who are mothers as well. Take the opportunity to expand your network and discuss with others how to tackle some common challenges when juggling between motherhood and academia.

Join the Facebook Group, Mothers at AU, for news and updates.