A unique interdisciplinary network for Danish and international researchers at Aarhus University.

If you are a PhD, a Post Doc, a guest researcher, a lecturer, or a senior researcher at AU then ‘Fyraften at AU’ is right for you. Regardless of your academic field or department, this group aims at providing a setting where local, newly arrived, and visiting researchers can share their knowledge and experiences at the time they expand their networks in an informal atmosphere.


If in doubt about joining, check the following reasons why you should:

  • Every month a guest speaker will share highlights of their personal and professional journeys.
  • Danish and current international researchers have extensive know-how that is key for newcomers. 
  • The network is a social and professional window for newly arrived researchers at AU.
  • All researchers at AU work in a culturally diverse environment, and this is a perfect scenario for discussing common topics about it.
  • The network can be the starting point for interdisciplinary collaborations.
  • You can break your routine and enjoy a drink after work with like-minded people.


We invite you to sign up for the International Staff newsletter and tick the Fyraften option. You will receive an email with information about the upcoming events and other relevant information about previous meetings.

Note: We are looking forward to restarting the meetings in spring 2022. 


Lastly, if you are curious about the name of this network, fyraften refers to the time of the day you are free from work. 

We look forward to seeing you!