Newcomers' info evening

The UIC, in close collaboration with the City of Aarhus and International Community, invites all newcomers to this specially tailored event.

The participants attending this evening will learn:

  • Practical information and must-know when moving into the city of Aarhus and surrounding areas.
  • Tips and recommendations on how to build a social network.
  • Introduction to the Danish culture and society.

The presentations conclude with a Q&A session, where you can ask any other questions you might have about your new life in Denmark. Furthermore, the participants have the opportunity to network with others that have recently arrived at the time they enjoy a sweet treat.

Facts about Newcomers' Info Evening

  • Takes place every two or three months
  • Location at Dokk1
  • Is free to attend, but registration is mandatory.

Future events are held physically in Aarhus, with the possibility of live streaming.  

All upcoming dates can be found at Aarhus Municipality website