Eating on campus

There are many canteens on the AU campus where you can buy sandwiches, a hot lunch and snacks. Prices vary from canteen to canteen because they are managed by individual institutes.


Caf’Inn is Studenterlauget’s canteen at Campus Fuglsangs Allé. They serve "wholesome food of high quality made from fresh ingredients at student-friendly prices". See their opening hours and read more about the food they serve at their website.

Dale's Café

Photo: Anders Trærup
Photo: Lars Kruse

Dale's Café is a cosy meeting place on campus open for both students, staff and the general public. With a location on the scenic university campus and close to downtown, the café welcomes you with student-friendly prices.

In the café you can reserve a table, and if you are having a party, you can book the whole café. Please note all food and beverages must be ordered through Studenterhusfonden. Just call 8715 3913 or send an email to sk@shf-au.dk

The café offers quality coffee, sandwiches and a wide selection of beers. The weekly menu is uploaded every week on the Dale's Café Facebook page It has an informal lounge area where you can relax while enjoying snacks and beverages. In the bar you can borrow chess and backgammon for free. 

The Barracks Café

The Barracks Café (Kaserne Caféen) is located at the old military barracks on Langelandsgade, where many of the arts departments are housed. They often hold events at the café which you can read about on their Facebook page.

The Mathematics Canteen

The Mathematics Canteen (Matematisk Kantine) and Physics Canteen (Fysisk Kantine) are housed in two different rooms in the same building and are therefore managed by the same organisation. Despite the names, the canteens are open to all students and staff, and they aim as far as possible to keep prices low. The canteen has the capacity to cater conferences and Christmas lunches, as on top of its everyday offerings.  

The Royal Danish Library Canteen

At the Royal Danish Library (Det Kgl. Bibliotek) the canteen offers a wide assortment of food and drinks, but you are also welcome to enjoy your packed lunch at the tables provided in the foyer, where you can also buy drinks and sweets from the vending machines. 

The Student House Fund

Photo: Poul Ib Henriksen
Nobelparken canteen

The Student House Fund (Studenterhusfonden) manages most of the on-campus canteens at Aarhus University including:

  • Stakladen
  • Nobelparken
  • The IT Park, INCUBA Science Park
  • The IT Corner (IT-Hjørnet)
  • Dentistry school (Tandlægeskolen)
  • Social studies (Samfundsfag)
  • Trøjborg canteen
  • Theology (Teologi)
  • Skejby, INCUBA Science Park  
  • Moesgaard Canteen

Eating off campus

Dining out in Denmark can be expensive compared to your home country, but if you feel like splurging, you won't be disappointed! Aarhus's selection of restaurants, cafés, food festivals, and supermarkets increase every year, - by number, quality, and diversity. Besides the introduction sections you find listed below (Vegetarian, Traditional Danish food, and Family-friendly restaurants), you can check out these links with full lists (in English) on various eating places in Aarhus:


Café Gaya

Most restaurants in Aarhus serves vegetarian dishes, and even those that don't will often be able to rustle something up if you ask. 

Café Gaya offers homemade meals made with 100% fresh and organic ingredients in an energy-boosting atmosphere.

Mikuna is a vegan take-away café which offers deliciously-filling burgers and sandwiches.

Another option is the Folkekøkken run by the Trøjborg Community House (Trøjborg Beboerhus) where a meal cooked from ingredients donated by the Open Air Farmers' Market on Ingerslevs Boulevard and Emmerys Bakery is shared by members of the community for free. That means that everyone is welcome to join. The project also has a Facebook page where further information can be found.

Traditional Danish food

Photo: Restaurant Pinden
Photo: Teater Bodega
Photo: Restaurant Kohalen
Photo: Raadhus Kafeen
Photo: Den Lille Kro

Several restaurants in Aarhus serve traditional Danish dishes.

Restaurant Pinden offers both lunch and dinner menus and on Saturdays it is also possible to enjoy a truly Danish buffet.

Teater Bodega is an old and cosy restaurant near Aarhus Teater (Aarhus Theatre) serving both lunch and dinner menus.

Restaurant Kohalen is known for its big beef steaks.

Kähler Spisesalon is one of the places serving the traditional Danish “smørrebrød”, a kind of open face sandwich. This restaurant is not in the cheap end of the scale, but the smørrebrød is great!

Raadhus Kafeen is an old and traditional place, across the street from the City Hall. 

Den Lille Kro serves classic Danish dishes according to the standards of former generations.

Family-friendly restaurants

Photo: Café Ziggy
Photo: Hos Sofies Forældre
Photo: Glad!

Bringing kids to the restaurant does not have to be a challenge. Here are a few Aarhus restaurants with family friendly menus and atmospheres.

Café Ziggy is a great place for food in a hurry. This is a classic café where nobody will look at you for bringing your children - the whole family is welcome. Also, the place is right next to the canal which gives an atmosphere of life and spirit. In the summer - or in autumn days with warm weather and gas lamps on - you can sit outside next to the canal. The menu includes wraps, burgers, sandwiches, and all sorts of salads.

Hos Sofie's Forældre (At Sofie's Parents) feels like a home away from home. Visiting this place feels like coming home to the grandparents; soft, deep chairs and couches, nicely set tables with tablecloths and an easy and cosy vibe. The restaurant is only open during daytime and serves coffees, cakes, and lunch dishes.

GLAD! is, as the name indicates, happy food ("glad" means "happy"). The food, which is made of mostly organic ingredients, can be enjoyed either in the small, cosy café or as takeaway. Some examples of the dishes on offer are pancakes with stuffing, sandwiches, homemade cookies, smoothies, or a bun with eco-tella.