What you need to do before leaving Denmark

There are several steps to take when leaving Denmark. Below is an overview to help you in the process. 

Public authorities

Deregister from the national register

When you leave Denmark for more than six months or give up your residence, you must deregister from the national register (Det Centrale Personregister or CPR) before you leave Denmark. You do this online at Lifeindenmark.dk 

No sooner than one month before your departure you need to deregister with your municipality.

When you deregister, your CPR number will no longer be active and you cannot use your yellow health insurance card.  You should destroy your health insurance card immediately upon leaving Denmark. Or you can return it to the municipality, who will destroy it for you.

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Deregister your car

If you have a car registered in Denmark, you will need to de-register the vehicle in Denmark when you leave. In certain cases, you may be entitled to a refund of the registration fee. It is also possible to buy a new car with border plates (no tax or VAT).

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Destroy your residence card - Non-EU/EEA citizens only

Non-EU/EEA citizens who hold a residence card must destroy the card upon leaving Denmark. The card should be destroyed if you are leaving Denmark permanently and if the card is no longer valid. Please make sure to destroy the card completely. The card should be destroyed immediately upon leaving Denmark.

Keep your MitID

It is a good idea to order an extra code card before you leave Denmark. This way you can still log on to your Danish online selfservice facilities and access e-Boks/digital post to read important mail after you have left Denmark.

You keep your MitID if you meet the following conditions:

  1. When you leave Denmark, remember to inform MitID about your new address. You do this on the MitID homepage. MitID needs your current address to send you new code cards. If you use the MitID app, you still need the physical key card if you need to re-activate your app on a new unit or if your phone runs out of power.  
  2. MitID must be renewed every 3 years. 3 months before your MitID is closed, you will receive a reminder in the MitID app or by logging on to the MitID website. You are advised to keep track of the time to make sure that you see the reminder. You must accept the reminder to keep your MitID for an additional 3 years.

Notify the Danish Tax Agency

It is your job and your place of residence that determine to which country you have to pay tax.

You are recommended to call the Tax Agency on +72 22 27 80 once you leave Denmark after having deregistered from the Danish National Register (Folkeregisteret).

If possible, the Tax Agency will determine your tax liability instantly and let you know which documents you need to submit to the Tax Agency in connection with your leaving Denmark.

Notify the Danish Tax Agency when you want to leave Denmark

Bank and insurance

Check your social security rights

Leaving Denmark entails a number of changes to your rights. When you have been registered in the Civil Registration System (CPR) as relocated to another country, you simultaneously lose your social security in Denmark.

Therefore, before you leave Denmark, you should check which social rights you will have in the country to which you are moving.

Moving to another EU country

When you leave Denmark to live in another EU country, some EU countries require documentation that you have been covered by social security in Denmark in order to be covered by social security in their country.

The E104 form proves that you were covered by Danish national healthcare, and will shorten any waiting period to join the host country's healthcare. Only people who are leaving Denmark and have deregistered with the Citizen's Service can obtain the form. You get the form by contacting the public authorities in your home country, who should send the form E104 to Udbetaling Danmark. Udbetaling Danmark is the authority who administers questions relating to social security and international health insurance in Denmark. They will then send the E104 form to the public authorities in the home country. 

For more information about international social security, please contact Udbetaling Danmark.

Notify your Danish bank

If you have opened an account in a Danish bank, you should notify the bank of your relocation and check the possibilities of perhaps keeping your account open for approximately one year in case you receive reimbursements, e.g. for utilities, tax or deregistration fees.

Read more at Lifeindenmark - Practical matters before leaving 

Transfer periods of unemployment benefits (for employed staff and EU/EEA citizens only)

Upon leaving Denmark, you may transfer your periods of work and unemployment benefits from Denmark to another EEA country. This will be possible if you have been employed and insured against unemployment in Denmark. 

Non-EU/EEA citizens cannot transfer periods of work and unemployment benefits from Denmark to another EEA country. However, non-EU/EEA citizens who move to one of the other Nordic countries, it will be possible to transfer earned rights from Denmark.

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Pay and pension

Settle your holiday allowance (for employed staff only)

If you resign from your position to move abroad, the university will pay the amount due for your ordinary holiday and special holidays directly to you. Payment requires documentation that you have deregistered from the CPR register.

Read more about holiday and termination of employment on the Staff Portal

Settle your pension (for employed staff only)

Aarhus University recommends you to contact your pension fund for information and guidance on what to do about your pension when leaving Denmark.

Find the contact details for the different pension funds in the right-hand column on the Foreign employees pensions page