AU Danish Courses

Are you ready to start your Danish lessons or are you motivated to continue improving your Danish skills? We've made a comprehensive overview of the courses for Aarhus University’s international staff and accompanying partners.

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If you are looking to learn Danish, here is a comprehensive overview of the courses for Aarhus University’s international staff and accompanying partners. Before you register for any of the following classes, we recommend you look at the general information about Danish language education.  


International staff and accompanying partners/spouses at Aarhus University can receive free tuition in Danish in cooperation with CLAVIS.

The Danish Education provides you with the necessary language skills you need for being understood in Danish, reading e-mails and small talk with your Danish colleagues during lunch breaks, having lectures in Danish and just getting to know the Danish way of living.

Course start

We start classes at the university continuously when we have enough participants. You can always join a class at the CLAVIS language school. The tuition will take place as classroom tuition, online or as blended learning.

We have following classes for beginners.

  • Mondays and Wednesdays 16.30 - 18.30 at CLAVIS
  • Mondays and Wednesdays 19.00 - 21.00 at CLAVIS
  • Mondays and Wednesdays 16.30 - 18.30 online
  • Saturdays 9.00-13.00 at CLAVIS

You will get

  • Flexible classes: Online, in class or blended
  • Fast progression
  • Highly qualified teachers
  • 24/7 online access 

Pre-arrival online Danish course with CLAVIS

CLAVIS provides an 8-week online course for new international employees and accompanying partners at Aarhus University. The course gives you the opportunity to kick-start and train your Danish before arrival and get the best possible start in Denmark.

Pre-arrival online Danish

Additional offers

We also have a "Taldansk Café" with volunteers that will help you practice Danish outside classes.

Furthermore, Aarhus Municipality visits CLAVIS to help our students understand MitID and other digital communication platforms.

Read more about our Danish Education for employees and spouses at Aarhus University on CLAVIS for international employees


A2B Aarhus has been teaching Danish courses at Aarhus University since 2018. We offer small-sized classes and have dedicated teachers to give you a great learning experience. The classes we offer are located at the AU campus.

A2B offers continuous enrolment and classes start each month on multiple levels.

  • Find our upcoming classes at Aarhus University and sign up here: Danish classes at AU
  • Prepare for Prøve i dansk 3. Join a module 5 class every January or August

Upcoming courses

Open information meetings about how to get Danish education for free. Sign up in an e-mail to A2B will serve drinks and snacks.

  • 31 January 16.15-17.00 at Aarhus University International Center
  • 6 February 16.15-17.00 Online

New beginner classes:

  • Module 1: 22 January. Mondays 16.30-18.30 and Wednesdays 16.30-18.00. Both days in person
  • Module 1: 7 February. Mondays online and Wednesdays in person. Both days 18.20 - 20:20
  • Module 1: 19 February. Mondays 8:45-12:00

New Intensive classes:

  • Intensive module 1: 15 January to 26 January: Monday-Friday 09:00-13:00
  • Intensive module 2: 15 January to 29 January: Monday-Friday 09:00-13:00

New module 5 classes that will prepare you for the next PD3 exam. New classes every August and January.

Module 3-4: Weekly admissions. Contact us for further information.

A2B Pre-arrival portal

Gear up for your new life in Denmark and kickstart your skills with our self-study Danish language and culture lessons. Future AU international staff and accompanying spouses can access the portal for 1 month free of charge.

Visit the A2B Pre-arrival portal.

We are always ready to answer your questions.

Find further information at the A2B website or send a direct email.

Sprogcenter Midt

We are specialized in teaching highly trained professionals at universities and in companies. We have been teaching Danish to internationals for more than 25 years.

Flexible Danish courses at all levels

We offer blended courses at AU Campus, online courses, and a first introduction to the Danish language and the Danes.

Blended courses at AU campus

Our blended courses meet your need for flexibility, efficiency, and a social appreciative learning environment. Our courses are a combination of in-class at the AU campus once a week, online tutorials with self-study, and individual feedback from your teacher.

We offer courses at 5 levels. If you have any doubt which level to register to, please contact our counsellor Anne Skjoldan at

  • Module 1 (A1): Tuesdays at 17.15-20.00. Period: 20 February to 7 May
  • Module 1 (A1): Wednesdays at 17.15-20.00. Period: 21 February to 8 May
  • Module 1 (A1): Thursdays at 17.15-20.00. Period: 22 February to 16 May
  • Module 2 (A2): Wednesdays at 17.15-20.00. Period: 21 February to 5 June
  • Module 3 (A2+): Mondays at 17.15-20.00. Period: 29 January to 3 June
  • Module 4 (B1): Mondays at 17.15-20.00. Period: 29 January to 10 June
  • Module 5 (B2): Mondays at 17.15-20.00. Period: 29 January to 21 June

Read more about courses for AU staff and accompanying spouses.

If the courses at AU Campus do not suit you, please choose between:

Danish Online

Danish Online is 100% online education targeted towards highly educated learners, making it a great choice for you, who want an easily accessible and flexible option for learning Danish. With Danish Online, you meet weekly with your teacher and fellow learners in the virtual classroom. During the week you work independently with your new vocabulary, exercises, instructions, and assignments, which you download and upload on the digital learning platform. Your teacher will guide you all the way and will give you verbal and written feedback.

Read more and sign up for Danish Online.

KICKSTART your language learning

Learn Danish for the first dialogues and get indispensable knowledge on Danish culture and values with the Sprogcenter Midt online course KICKSTART. The course will give you what you need to understand Denmark as a country and the ways of the Danes. Furthermore, you also get tips from other internationals on how to make yourself a good life in Denmark. With KICKSTART, you get web-based access for 3 months.

Read more about the Sprogcenter Midt online course KICKSTART.

Danish courses at FOF

The FOF Danish language courses are an alternative to the formal (and free) Danish classes. FOF offer a range of Danish courses at all levels at a cost. If you have lost your right to free Danish Education or are looking for an alternative to the formal Danish Education, these courses are relevant for you.

Courses in spring

  • Danish for Beginners 1 (A1) - starts 31 January (Price: DKK 1580)
  • Danish for Beginners 2 (A1) - starts 25 January (Price: DKK 1580)
  • Danish for Beginners 3 (A1) - starts 20 February (Price: DKK 1580)
  • Dansk for fortsættere 1 (A2) - starts 01 February (Price: DKK 1580)
  • Dansk for fortsættere 2 (A2) - starts 29 January (Price: DKK 1580)

FOF also offers a wide range of courses and activities conducted in English (international language programme, cooking, health and fitness, music and singing, arts and crafts) at a cost.

Read more about FOF Danish classes.