Kochs International is closing

Koch's School are closing their international branch at the end of June.

Photo: Internationalschools.dk

For several years, Kochs School have had an international branch, which will close at the end of June. The International Staff Office (ISO) understands the substantial impact and inconvenience this will have on international families, whose children are enrolled at the school or on the waiting list to start this year.

ISO offers guidance, support and assistance to the affected parents, who contact us. We are in touch with the municipality and organisations in the city about the consequences this closure may have for the city of Aarhus and international recruitment. Similarly, we focus on ensuring that alternative schools are ready to handle the situation. Here, Aarhus International School (AIS) is the most obvious alternative. AIS differs from Kochs International, as AIS teaches according to the IB model whereas Kochs follows both the Danish Folkeskole curriculum and the Cambridge curriculum. Furthermore, English is the primary language at AIS.

AIS is open to talk to any parents considering a change to their school.

If you are a concerned parent or know anyone who is, you are very welcome to refer to us at the ISO. We will be happy to listen and do our best to help.