Erasmus+ grants for higher education staff members affected by the war in Ukraine

Important update, September 2023: Aarhus University does currently not have any Erasmus funding available to allocate to Ukrainian students and staff. 

Staff members, including PhD students, employed in a Ukrainian Higher Education Institution (HEI) who have fled Ukraine due to the Russian aggression are eligible to apply for an Erasmus+ grant of up to 60 days’ duration at Aarhus University.

Types of stay

The Erasmus+ programme awards funding for staff members for two types of stay:

  • Staff mobility for teaching
  • Staff mobility for training

- or for a combination of teaching and training.


A teaching activity must comprise a minimum of 8 hours of teaching per week. It can be in any available study field.


A training activity can be any kind of relevant activity such as job shadowing, participation in seminars, workshops or courses, practical training, or study visits.

Eligible participants

Staff members being employed in a Higher Education Institution (HEI) in Ukraine at the time of fleeing Ukraine due to the Russian aggression.

You must provide documentation of your employment such as pay slips, diplomas to define area of specialization, work contracts or declarations issued by HEIs or relevant Ukrainian authorities. Please note that this documentation must be in English.


  • Minimum duration of a staff exchange: 2 days
  • Maximum duration of a staff exchange: 60 days

The minimum days must be consecutive.


The Erasmus+ grant is

  • EUR 180 per day
  • For a maximum of 60 days

A travel grant may also be available.

Formal requirements

Host at Aarhus University

It is a requirement that the Ukrainian staff member finds a contact person at Aarhus University who is willing to host the exchange.

If you need assistance in finding a relevant host, please write to one of the following emails:

  • PhD students: Mr. Kristian Langhoff Sørensen
  • Academic staff: Michael Winther  
  • Administrative staff: Ms. Mette Brandenborg

Mobility Agreement

You will be required to fill out a Mobility Agreement that is signed by you and your host at Aarhus University. Your home institution will not be required to sign the agreement.


If you wish to apply for an Erasmus+ grant under the conditions mentioned above, please write to