Book Club and Night Out

Book Club

The Book club welcomes all booklovers and passionate readers affiliated with AU to join and participate in cosy sessions of literature and networking. Whether you are staff at AU, an accompanying partner, or just someone that has been looking for an English book club in the city, then this is the place for you.

The books are chosen by democratic voting on the Facebook Group, just like the dates for the meetings, which normally take place every 6 weeks.

Make sure to follow the Facebook Group called ‘ISO Book club’ for news and updates.

Night Out

This monthly social gathering welcomes you to spend a fun and cosy night with other internationals at one of the best Italian restaurants in the city of Aarhus.

Relax and enjoy this informal gathering and take the opportunity to expand your network and dine in the company of others.

The event is open for international staff and accompanying family members, including children.

Please join the Facebook Group called ‘ISO Night Out’ to sign up and for news and updates on each of the gatherings.

Event calendar