Well-being initiatives and resources for international staff and their partners

Thriving and well-being

In general, and especially when you move to a new country, being able to thrive and feel good in your new environment is essential. At International Staff Office, we are here to help you and guide you to the resources that you might be looking for to help you thrive and build resilience to new challenges. We can help you with:

  • Finding classes or courses on well-being and mindfulness
  • Finding a coach or a mentor
  • Finding a therapist or counsellor (for individuals, couples or family issues)
  • Finding social or cultural activities

You can contact us directly with further questions and for more information.

International Staff Office offers

Cultural awareness workshops

In this series of workshops, you can learn more about Danish Culture, as well as your own, and develop cross-cultural communication strategies. By moving beyond stereotypes and identifying cultural blind spots from all sides, better cross-cultural communication can lead to better common understanding.

Participation in these workshops can ease the transition to a new culture. You can build cross-cultural connections that can contribute to overall well-being in daily life and in the workplace, as well as to long-term satisfaction in Denmark. See our Cultural Awareness Programme and current offerings.

Life transition and career counselling with Expat Partner Programme

The Expat Partner Programme provides customised transition and career counselling to partners of AU employees. In addition to personal coaching, the programme provides opportunities to network and to build personal and professional connections. Through its weekly meetings, on-going support and events, the programme provides a strong framework for a new life in Denmark, as the well-being of partners and families is integral to overall life satisfaction and to the adjustment to a new country. Read more about our EPP programme.

Aarhus University wide initiatives and services

AU culture and well-being

The AU culture and well-being initiative supports the Staff policy for Aarhus University – especially the ‘norms for daily working life', and can be used in connection with your own efforts to promote well-being.

AU psychological counselling service

If you have issues at work, you can read about Aarhus University’s framework for seeking counselling.

Resources outside of AU

Need help identifying professional counselling in English?

Sometimes a situation requires you to seek professional counselling –either from a certified coach or a professional psychologist.

We can help you identify certified therapists in your area of need that offer counselling in English. Some of them specialize in living abroad / ex-pat issues, whether it be for individuals, couples, families or children. Please reach out to our international staff team for a list of options.

Danish healthcare system support

In Denmark, you need to see your primary doctor first, who will then give you a referral to visit a therapist.

Ongoing counselling from a professional resource can be quite expensive. However, there are situations when you can have your sessions covered through the Danish healthcare system.

Check with your primary doctor and visit Life in Denmark for further information.