Danish education for international staff and accompanying partners

As an international with an official Danish address (folkeregisteradresse) you can take the state supported Danish education for free. The education is open for you and your accompanying spouse or partner and take place either at the language school or at an AU location.

General conditions for taking the state supported Danish education

The courses that are targeted at AU staff and accompanying partners are part of the Danish Education or DU programme. The Danish Education is the official Danish language teaching programme for adult foreigners in Denmark. The Danish Education is offered at all three language schools.     

5 years to do 6 modules

The state supported Danish education (Danish Education or DU) consists of six modules, and each module is finished with a test. You have 5 years to take the six modules. There are certain rules if you for example wish to take breaks in the middle of a module or in between modules. Therefore, it is essential that you familiarise yourself thoroughly with all aspects of the system, in order to understand the consequences of the choices you make. The language school will tell you more about this.   

Participants' fee

The state supported Danish education is free of charge. However, you need to pay a deposit of DKK 2.000 when you sign up for Danish language classes. The deposit is fully refundable under certain conditions. Contact your preferred language school for further information about deposits. 

Who can participate in the courses?

The courses are open for all internationals with an official Danish address (folkeregisteradresse) and Danish CPR number.

How to get started with Danish

Important upon arrival

When you register for your CPR number, you will receive a referral letter from the municipality in which you live, please contact your preferred language school within two months of receiving this. If you do not wish to start your Danish education immediately, you need to put your Danish education on hold. Else you will lose this time, and it will be deducted from the 5 years you have to complete the Danish education. 

1. Meet the conditions to register

You need to be registered with a CPR number to be eligible for the state supported Danish education. Once you have a CPR number, you may contact a Danish language school, and they will help you with the registration. 

2. Contact a language school with courses for AU staff

A2B and CLAVIS offer the state supported Danish education (DU) for AU staff and accompanying spouses or partners.

The location of the courses and the target group varies according to which language school you choose. We therefore recommend you to contact each language school to hear about their specific offers to find the right option for you.



CLAVIS language & competence offers Danish classes for international employees, students, accompanying partners and spouses at Aarhus University. The classes are intended to give you the necessary skills you need for your work and your daily life in Denmark. Each module is completed with a test and the Danish Education can be completed with a final exam at our facilities in Aarhus. 

You can join Danish classes morning, day, evening and weekends. The location is CLAVIS, Ingerslevs Boulevard 3 in Aarhus or online from your own computer. 

Contact CLAVIS for further information:

Curent courses

You find current course options on the CLAVIS website.

Find course options for the Danish Education (DU1, DU2 and DU3) in Aarhus 

Read more about Danish course options at CLAVIS


A2B is specialized in teaching Danish to highly educated professionals and you will experience an ambitious Danish course taught by experienced teachers. We have customized the courses for your work schedule and come to the University institutions to teach. 

Contact A2B coordinator Julie Errebo-O'Neill for further information:

  • Julie Errebo-O'Neill, International Coordinator A2B
  • Phone: 24 88 48 15
  • E-mail: sprogaarhus@a2b.dk

Curent courses

You find current course options on the A2B website

Anne Pletschette Langer

International Coordinator and Web Editor

"We recommend all to seriously consider learning Danish, especially if you intend to stay long-term or to establish a career in Denmark."   

Anne P. Langer, International Coordinator