Support during the recruitment phase

We offer our advice during the recruitment phase when you are considering whether to choose Denmark as your next destination. We talk about life and norms in Denmark as well as career opportunities, and about the Danish job market in general. We can provide realistic feedback on your possibilities in a Danish job context, and are happy to meet in person during a visit or online.

For accompanying partners

My partner has not received a job offer yet

If your partner has not received a job offer, the contact is initiated by the hiring department at the University. Thus, your partner needs to inform the hiring Professor and/or HR contact that you wish to meet with us.

My partner has received a job offer

You are welcome to contact us directly via if your partner has received a job offer but you have not yet decided whether to accept or not.

Please indicate your partner’s name, the department and position to which he or she has been offered a job as well as an anticipated arrival date to Denmark.

For AU hiring managers

Are you planning to recruit international staff to your unit, we are here to assist you with advisory services for the accompanying partner.  We recognize that the accompanying partner is an important decision maker in the process, and welcome being invited to guide and assist the accompanying partner to find out which career opportunities (s)he has in Denmark and at the university.

Please contact us at to get started.