Living in Denmark

When living in Denmark, there are several issues to be aware of for you and your family. We have gathered some information to help you the best way possible in your daily life. 

Daily life

There are a lot of issues that influence your daily life: getting your mail, going grocery shopping, finding news in English, and much more. Read more about these issues in the Daily life section. 

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Leisure activities

Denmark is a country with many clubs and associations, so if you have a free time activity, we will have the right club for you. 

In the section concerning leisure activities we have compiled information about international clubs and associations, cultural offers, dining, family activities and exercise options.

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If you move, you must report this to the National Registry/Citizen Service at the latest 5 days after having moved. You can, however, already change your address with the Citizen Service up to a month before the actual move. 

If you live in rented accommodation, you may be entitled to receive housing benefits.

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Transportation in Denmark

Denmark has a good transportation network for both public and private transport. In the 'Transportation in Denmark' section, we have gathered information about having a car in Denmark, buses, trains, and biking options. 

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Most people who work/ or live in Denmark are required to pay tax in Denmark and to register with the Danish Tax Agency.

As an international / non-Danish researcher, there are different tax schemes and guidelines according to your status. 

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