Meet the Relocation Advisors

Lisa Topelmann-Weder

Born and raised in the USA, Lisa moved to Denmark from Australia in 2019. She holds a PhD from Humboldt University Berlin and has a background in International Higher Education. Lisa has been globally mobile for many years and has lived in 6 countries. 

Vibhuti Bhushan

Born and raised in India, Vibhuti holds a Bachelor of Science from Punjab University Chandigarh. Background as self-employed for over 22 years in Denmark and then as mobility assistant at Grundfos Denmark for 1 year.

Marianne Condelli

Marianne is born and raised in Denmark. She holds a MSc in Anthropology and Ethnography from AU. After graduating, Marianne moved to Australia where she lived for more than 12 years. Marianne returned to Denmark with her family in March 2022.


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