Relocation Service for Assistant Professors, Associate Professors and Professors

Welcome to the Relocation Services at Aarhus University! We are ready to assist you with a smooth transition to Denmark and tailor our services to suit your personal needs. We provide advice and support in all stages of the relocation process.

Pre-arrival meeting

We offer an initial in-person or virtual meeting to introduce you to working and living in Denmark as well as providing information about practical matters related to relocating to Denmark. We discuss your individual needs and can make a plan to assist you throughout every step of your relocation transition.    

Getting registered and practical matters in Denmark

We provide you with information about:

  • How to register to obtain your CPR number and MitID
  • Health insurance, insurances in general, work- and residence permits
  • Tax- and pension schemes
  • Banking
  • Language training and any other practical matters

Find out about registration upon arrival

How to find housing

We can assist with all aspects related to renting a house or an apartment

  • We provide advice and guidance on various housing options - short-term or long-term, and where to look
  • We can make the initial contact to potential property owners or agencies 
  • We can help with any language barriers that you may encounter during your housing search and help you to understand the Danish lease contract

You can read more about housing here

Children, day-care and schooling

We provide guidance and advice when bringing children, including information about day-care and school options as well as how to apply.

Find out more about bringing children to Denmark here

Partner / Spouse support

Our Expat Partner Programme is available to assist your partner or spouse with all aspects of the transition to a new life and career in Denmark. From recruitment through the time you arrive, during your stay in Denmark, and up to the time you may decide to leave, we are there to help.

Find out more about our EPP Programme

Living and working in Denmark

Once you are here and are in the process of settling in, we can provide services and support to ease the transition. Our Cultural Awareness programme offers workshops where you can learn about important aspects of living and working in Denmark. We also provide for opportunities to engage in the cultural life in Aarhus through concerts and events throughout the year. In addition, we can direct you to resources that can enhance your well-being and allow you to thrive in Denmark.

Find out more about living and working in Denmark here