Registration upon arrival

There are two ways to register with the public authorities for AU staff and accompanying family. No matter how you register, there are a number of important documents to bring.

Other relevant information

Address and fixed place of residence

To get your CPR number, you need to register with an address in Denmark. To be eligible to register, you need to prove that you will stay in Denmark for more than 90 days and that you have a fixed place of residence for minimum 1 month from the day of registration.

Fixed place of residence = 1 month

Stays of a minimum of 1 month normally fulfil the conditions of a fixed place of residence but stays of less than 1 month do not.

You need to live at the address you register with. Thus, you cannot register before you have moved to your fixed place of residence.

Types of housing that you can register with

It is possible to register as address rental apartments, guest houses, private rooms but also camping lots, hotels and hostels. The important thing is that you will be sleeping there regularly, you must have your belongings at the address and prove that you will stay there for a minimum of 1 month.

You should also make sure that you can have your mail forwarded to the address. Your name must be on the mailbox for you to receive mail on the address, otherwise the postal service cannot deliver your mail.  

The rules for address registration vary from municipality to municipality, so always consult your local municipality for detailed information. You can select your municipality on 

Register accompanying partner and children

If you are bringing family with you, the same rules for registration with the public authorities applies as for the main applicant. 

EU/EEA citizens

You can come based on the following conditions of residence:

  • Family member to an EU citizen - child, spouse or cohabitating partner
  • Sufficient resources - There are two options:
    • You support yourself financially (Please include documentation such as bank statement, scholarships or documentation of other means)
    • Another person supports you financially (Please include documentation from the person supporting you financially such as a declaration about financial support, employment contract/employer's declaration and pay slips, bank statement or other documentation)

  • Worker - You are in paid employment in Denmark
  • Self-employed person - You have started or intend to start independent business activity in Denmark
  • Student - You are enrolled at an educational establishment that gives students the right to receive support from the Danish Education Support Agency (SU). 
    You must submit a declaration that you have sufficient resources for your period of residence so that you will not become a burden on the social assistance system.

Read more about who can get an EU residence document on the New to Denmark website  

Translations of official documents

Aarhus University does not translate official documents for employees or students, but we have gathered information and resources about Translations of official documents.

Cross-border commuters

You are a cross-border commuter (also known as a frontier worker) if you live in another EU/EEA country and work in Denmark.

Most cross-border commuters in Denmark are from Sweden, Germany and Poland.

Cross-border commuters do not need to apply for an EU Registration Document in Denmark, but non-EU/EEA citizens will need a valid work permit.

Being a cross-border commuter has an influence on your tax, social security and rights to drive in Denmark. Therefore, we advise you to investigate carefully whether you qualify to be a cross-border commuter and whether you wish to register as such.

You can read more about cross-border commuters and find links to websites for cross-border commuters from Sweden and Germany on the Lifeindenmark website

Short-term stays - less than 90 days

You do not need to register with the National Registry. You will not be covered by Danish health insurance and must sign private health insurance.

Read more under Short-term stays