Settling in and thriving in Denmark

Coaching sessions (EPP program specific)

You are welcome to book us for 1:1 appointments dedicated to talk about your priorities. We spend time together to identify what is important for you and your partner/family in a short and a long term perspective.

Depending on where you are in the process, we can meet and discuss your objectives, uncover, find or rediscover passions for new paths, regardless whether you have just recently moved to Denmark or been here for a long time.

Your needs may also change depending on changes in your family, your partner’s job, or your own objectives. You may want to join new networks or meet and see cultural differences from other angles, discover new career paths or rediscover new hobbies and passions to boost your well-being.

Our Expat Partner Advisors are both certified with the International Coaching Certification.

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Learning Danish

Regardless of the length of your stay in Denmark, we recommend you to start learning Danish as soon as you have arrived. Not because this will be a magic key to a job (because it won’t), but because it will allow you to get closer to the community and get to know people and ways of living here.

It actually means a lot to Danish people that you make an effort in learning the language even though many people here speak English.

Learning the language will also allow you to explore other levels of the culture incl. trying to detect and understand the Danish humour which many Danes use to bond.

How to get started with Danish

At our International Academic Staff Services pages, we have gathered more information about learning Danish and how to get started: See the Danish courses page

You will receive a letter from the municipality about your rights to start Danish lessons for free and the language provider that provides courses in the city you live. However, please bear in mind that you are free to choose your preferred provider that can accommodate your needs i.e.:

  • specific preferred days you want to go to classes
  • if you want to join a class together with your partner
  • if you want to join a class with people having a similar background as yourself career wise for networking purposes
  • if you prefer a small or large group etc.  

We are also able to help you identify pre-arrival opportunities if you want to start learning the languages before you move to Denmark. Please contact us for more information.        

Activities at Aarhus University

Events and associations at AU

Most departments have their own events and associations for students and staff. Perhaps it is a cultural thing, but it is not that common that partners are automatically invited to events. However, that does not mean that you as a partner cannot join – on the contrary. In most cases, people would love to welcome you and have you take part in their events and activities.

If you are unsure how to approach people in a culturally sensible way, we are happy to guide you.

Below, we have gathered a few activities at AU that specifically invite you to join.

Cultural Awareness Programme

Services for international staff offers workshops that aim to promote cross-cultural understanding and cultural diversity at Aarhus University.

The workshops are designed to give you insights into Danish culture, as well as into different beliefs and stereotypes about culture in general. The strategies and tools introduced in the workshops can be used for you to adjust to life in Denmark, but can also be applied to diverse intercultural contexts, especially with regard to international environments at Aarhus University.

The goal is for participants to become more culturally aware, as well as to acquire strategies that can bridge any cultural differences. 

Target group and how to join

The workshops are for all Aarhus University international staff, including PhDs, and spouses/partners, as well as for Danish academic and administrative/technical staff.

The workshops are free of charge, but registration is required.

Read more and sign up for the Cultural Awareness Programme

Thriving and well-being resources

In general, and especially when you move to a new country, being able to thrive and feel well in your new environment is essential. International Academic Staff Services can help you, your partner and family by guiding you to the resources that you might be looking for to help you thrive and build resilience to new challenges.

They can help you with:

  • finding classes or courses on well-being and mindfulness
  • finding a coach or a mentor
  • finding a therapist or counsellor (for individuals, couples or family issues)
  • finding social or cultural activities

Read more and find further resources about well-being initiatives 

ISO Events and Activities

International Staff Office organizes events for Aarhus University's international staff, including academic staff, PhD students, guest researchers, and international guests at AU, and their accompanying family members.

We provide newcomers with networks and valuable resources, the reason why we also welcome Danish AU staff. ISO collaborated with International Community and Aarhus Municipality, and together they have developed new event formats and offers for all internationals in the city.

We also host:

And much more…

Stay tuned on activities, sign up for the bi-weekly newsletter and join the Facebook group via the ISO Events and Activities webpage

Please note that the EPP programme also announces events and news though the International Staff newsletter.

Activities outside Aarhus University


As in many other countries, volunteering is a big thing in Denmark. Most Danes are engaged in volunteering activities and for many different purposes:  

  • doing something fun and interesting that is not part of the daily job
  • to expand a network for social or career purposes
  • to contribute to a local community or people in need

Whatever the reasons, volunteering in Denmark could be valuable for you too. helps you find an organisation looking for volunteers in Denmark

We can also help you identify people and organisations to contact for volunteering opportunities. Please book us for a 1:1 appointment or join a Monday Meeting to discuss your options. 

Clubs and associations

Joining a club or association can be a great way to get to know more Danes and other internationals while spending time doing something that is valuable to you.

We believe it is important to do something that you are passionate about to boost your motivation and well-being - regardless how “big” or “small” it is, and regardless how much time you spend doing it. As long as it is something you choose that brings you joy in life.

We are happy to meet to talk about what piques your interest and how to find a club or association. Please book a 1:1 appointment or join a Monday Meeting to talk more about this. 

International Community has also created a valuable page to help you join a club or association

ForeningsMentor International can help children from 6 to 17 years of age and their parents towards an active leisure time including enrolment in a Danish association.