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Photo: Danish Health Authority

2020.08.10 | AU Expat Partner Programme

IMPORTANT NOTICE – regarding EPP events

Just as we thought we could start meeting physically again, we received news from the AU management team that we have to hold our horses a little longer than expected. Meaning that we yet again are facing working from home and meetings are to be held online rather than face-to-face at Trøjborgvej 82-84.

Expat Partner advisors Catrine Rumohr and Marie Vorre Skydsgaard

2020.07.07 | AU Expat Partner Programme

Summer greeting from the Expat Partner Programme

Today, July 3, we are leaving for the summer holiday for the coming weeks. Marie will return to the office July 27 and Catrine on August 3.

2020.06.09 | AU Expat Partner Programme

THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED: IDCN-JF event: Expatriation and Family Dynamics (online)

An inspirational webinar with insights on typical challenges and tips on how to thrive as a globally mobile family.

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