Support during the recruitment phase

Are you in the process of recruiting international staff to your department?

The Relocation team can play an active role in the recruitment of international staff. We are very happy to meet with your candidates while they are visiting Aarhus University, or we can also hold online meetings prior to or after their visits. Our procedure is to give a presentation about the practicalities of moving to Denmark along with all the ways that the International Staff Office can assist, for example with housing, daycare, schooling, cultural transition, language learning, partner support, guidance on necessary permits, getting registered, social life and much more.

We believe this essential information gives the international candidates a realistic idea of what they can expect when moving to Denmark, as well the ways in which we can support them with our services all throughout their pre- arrival, arrival and whilst they are living in Denmark.

Please contact us, if you are recruiting international staff and would like our help in the recruitment phase. We will be more than happy to schedule a meeting with your international candidates.

For more information and/or our assistance, please contact us at

Lisa Topelmann-Weder

Senior Mobility Consultant

Jane Frahm

Mobility Consultant

Marianne Condelli

Events Coordinator and Mobility Consultant