Need help as a host?

As a host you need to ensure that your guest has the relevant work permit and that he/she is properly informed about his/her insurance coverage.

Ask for assistance - it’s simple!

For us to initiate the process we kindly ask you to complete a questionnaire with the most basic information needed for the application process. We will implement this information in the applicable/necessary application form.

Upon receipt of your completed questionnaire, we will contact your guest and continue the application process directly with your guest.

As a host you also need to create a "medarbejderstamkort". We need both the questionnaire and the "medarbejderstamkort" to initiate the application process.

Processing time - do not wait

The authorities processing time of the relevant permits might be up to 7-8 weeks. Usually, the guest is not allowed to work during this period. Therefore, do not hesitate to inform us about your guest by completing the questionnaire.

Invitation letter

We can also assist you with a letter of invitation, which is needed to apply for a residence and work permit as a guest researcher or guest PhD student. Please find a template for the letter of invitation below.

Template - Invitation letter

We will keep you informed

We will take care of the whole application process. We will of course keep you updated if problems should occur, but otherwise we will not contact you again before we have information as to when you and your guest may expect to receive the permit.

When we receive information that the necessary permit has been granted, we will of course inform you immediately.

You are welcome to contact us either before you are hosting an international guest researcher or during your hosting period.

Insurance coverage

Many of our guests need to take out insurance and healthcare on their own since they are not covered by regular Danish insurances. Therefore, it is important that you inform your guest of how they are covered by insurances and healthcare during their stay in Denmark.

Read more about private insurance

Your responsibility as a host

It is among the responsibilities for AU to ensure that our guests have the necessary permits to be at AU as a guest. As host you share this responsibility.

Contrary to the expectation of many, non-EU/EEA citizens are obligated to have a residence and work permit if they are going to work in Denmark regardless of the length of their stay and whether they are paid by or enrolled at the university or not.

The only exception is regarding people coming to Denmark for three months or less to perform teaching, lecturing, supervision or examiner service. In such case a work permit is not necessary, and the guests can enter Denmark and work only with a visa (if applicable).

EU/EEA-citizens are obligated to apply for an EU residence certificate if they are working in Denmark for more than 3 months.