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Relocation Services

We assist international researchers relocate to Denmark

Who is the Relocation Service for?

You can request Relocation Services for new staff or guests that fulfil the following:

  • Foreigner or Danish citizen moving to Denmark from abroad
  • Contracted to work for 3 months or longer at Aarhus University
  • Have a position at postdoc level or higher

What relocation services are offered?

For assistant professors and above

The relocation service provides information about and assistance with all non-academic and non-contractual issues related to relocating to Denmark.

We offer personalised assistance with relocation, including:

  • Pre-recruitment meeting
  • Initial meeting for needs overview
  • Housing (personalised service)
  • Registration procedure
  • Information for families
  • School and day care options
  • Job search for accompanying partners

Relocation Service includes information and assistance for these areas as well as all five stages of the relocation process. The assistance can be adjusted to the personal needs of the employees (and accompanying family if applicable).

For more information please contact the Relocation Advisors at  

See our overview of assistance during the relocation stages

For postdocs

Relocation service offers individual assistance to postdocs and families relocating to Denmark. 

We provide information and assistance with all non- academic and non-contractual issues related to relocating to and living in Denmark.

We offer our help with relocation, including:

  • Housing (advice and suggestions)
  • Registration procedure
  • School and day care options
  • Job search for accompanying partners

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Expat Partner Programme

The Expat Partner Programme provides customized career counselling to expat partners. Expat partners will be coached during the transition phase and can participate in network events to support their new life in Denmark.

Read more about the Expat Partner Programme

Meet the Relocation Advisors

Vibeke Tyrre Pedersen

Born and raised in Denmark. Master's Degree in Economics from Aarhus University and a background of 12 years as an expat in Asia and the USA.

Lisa Topelmann-Weder

Born and raised in the USA, Lisa moved to Denmark from Australia in 2019. She holds a PhD from Humboldt University Berlin and has a background in International Higher Education. Lisa has been globally mobile for many years and has lived in 6 countries. 

Vibhuti Bhushan

Born and raised in India. Bachelor in Science from Punjab University Chandigarh. Background as self-employed for over 22 years in Denmark and then as mobility assistant at Grundfos Denmark for 1 year. 


For more information please contact the Relocation Advisors at

For more information about the postdoc service, please send an email to