Need help as a guest?

You must hold a work and residence permit if you intend to work at Aarhus University as a non-employed guest researcher or a non-employed/non-enrolled guest PhD student.

We gladly offer our international guest researchers and guest PhD students assistance in the application process for a relevant and necessary work and residence permit. 

Your host takes the first step...

Your host at AU should initiate the process and provide us with information about your visit to AU.

Ask for assistance – it’s simple!

As a guest, you are asked to complete a questionnaire to provide us with the necessary information.

We will contact you as soon as we have been contacted by your AU-host.

Processing time - don't wait

The authorities processing time of the relevant permits might be up to 7-8 weeks. You are not allowed to work during this period. Therefore, do not hesitate to inform us about your visit by completing the questionnaire.

Practical matters

We have compiled practical information related to the various stages of your stay. The information covers topics about living in Denmark and working at Aarhus University.

If you stay at AU for more than 3 months

Have a look at the different sections of our homepage:

If you stay at AU for less than 3 months

Certain rules apply if you will be staying in Denmark for 3 months or less. Please refer to our section about short term stays for further information. 

Visit the Short term stays page